Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It's here-Thanksgiving @ school! My skilled roommates and I all worked together last night to prepare for our big(ish) feast. We set the table and dawned it with name tags, a pumpkin spice candle, fall flowered centerpiece, and lots of thanks (We wrote what we are thankful for). I'm gleaming with domestication ;), but really. This morning I chowed down on a hearty breakfast. I must keep energized for the evening of cooking and hosting, so I made...
What do you get when you take...
A minute muffin
1/4 cup flaxseed meal
1/4 cup egg white
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp cinnamon 

Some brown sugar (I pretend that this stuff is good for you, so I load on...sometimes)
1 tsp olive oil (found this unnecessary)
I then toss in some bananas, or chocolate chips (any kind), coconut, pumpkin, gosh you name it...I add it! 
I then pop it in the microwave for 1 minute, great for impatient cookers like me:)
I top it with the rest of my banana (or apple) and you can NEVER forget the beloved peanut butter. A little splash of milk, a spoon, and my mouth are the finishing touches...nom nom nom. 
Remember, looks are deceiving and the rule of thumb while making this is...Be creative! 
Last, but certainly not least is the revealing of the "remixed" Thanksgiving evening...
#1 Turkey Chilli
#2 Sweet Potato Chips (Homemade)
  #3 Applesauce (Homemade)
#4 Autumn Apple Salad
#5 Cornbread muffins
#6 Brownies
That's it. The Thanksgiving feast. I will be sure to post the hopefully successful photos of the lovely dinner! I'd love to know...
What is your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I have loads to chat about this rainy, dreary evening. Let me start off with, 38 days until Christmas-can you believe it? Christmas music has been playing quite frequently here. I love Christmas music because I always know the lyrics and the music is just so jolly. Listen to these and you are guaranteed a Christmas spirit jolt:
This Christmas by Chris Brown
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Colbie Caillat
Mistletoe by Colbie Caillat
The Christmas Song by Justin Bieber Feat. Usher (don't judge)
ANY new Michael Buble song (I recommend All I want for Christmas is you)
Baby It's Cold Outside By Lady Antebellum
...And my guiltiest pleasure...Kenny G, any song really.
Along with the tunes, my roommates and I have begun watching a Christmas movie every Sunday. Well, so far just this past Sunday. And the movie of choice you may ask, Family Stone. Both cheerful and tearful. My Christmas spirit is comparable to a child who still believes in Santa Claus (which I do). No decorations have been put up, but a little bit of baking did occur. 
This baking was sprung on for two reasons: my obvious excitement for Christmas (basically just the holiday season) and my recent lack of clinical. I went from 6 days a week of clinical to 2. I twiddle my thumbs, take naps (unheard of), workout twice a day, and cook constantly. I'm going nuts, so to alleviate my anxiousness, I baked. What did I bake? Christmas cookies, duh...
I took some of these
 And made some of this...
Sugar cookies with peppermint pieces and peppermint kisses on thee top! Can you say addicting? I'd love to share with you the recipe, but I did not exactly follow one. I'm sure they will be made again. Then, I shall remember how they were made, and hopefully not eat as many or as much...batter? :) 
As I said before, I do not know what to do with all of my free time. Relaxing makes me tired/lazy, so I work out...a lot and watch my roommate twiddle her thumbs too. She plays volleyball and their season is finally over, so neither of us know what to do. We took a walk and tried mastering sweet potato chips, success. One more roommate to mention. She knows what to do with her time (she doesn't have much), but today she had ZERO classes, must be nice! So, I came home after a long day to these...
Still warm...
Honey mustard pretzels with seasoning. They too are addicting. Next on the list of cooking: something healthy...or Thanksgiving dinner :) I will return with the feast's pictures and aftermath. Thanks for listening, oh, and any suggestions as cooking eggplant (other than eggplant parm)?

Monday, October 31, 2011

And we meet again

I'm not sure I remember how to do this-it's been a long time. Here's my life in a nutshell:
1. I have clinical 6 days a week aka my social life is slacking. Sad story
2. I have an apartment. Fully furnished, acceptable roommates, and a really big television. My life is turning around.

3. Food still owns my life, as a result I dream of baking, I think about cooking, and I eat a lot of food. 
4. It snowed before Halloween. Unprepared I was, so I cleaned off my car (Pearl) with my floor mat. True story
5. Newest obsession aside from Converse, popcorn. Yes, you heard right POPCORN. I love it especially with spray butter, Parmesan cheese (try it), and lime & salt flavored. Salivating
6. Speaking of salivating I'm going to present to you what's been cooking in my kitchen...
 We splurged-scallops and shrimp. What did we make...
Beans, peppers, onions, cheese. Homemade tortilla chips, guacamole, Spanish rice, and salsa. It was delicious. I want to eat it all over again, and again...

What else has been made? More seafood. Seafood pizza to be exact and the newest addition, banana bread/honey/peanut butter/chocolate/yogurt. I cannot take responsibility for the masterpiece but she can...(my roommate)
7. Oh, I forgot to mention, I have begun listening to Christmas music...54 days left, savoring each second.
8. I watched Elf...a month ago.
9. I have a "Reach for the Stars" book where I write down all of my bucket list items, here's what I got....

 I also have...
1. Learn to tie a tie
2. Sing Karaoke
3. Carve a pumpkin
4. Ice skate this winter
Help me think of more, please :)
10. Fall is my favorite season
11. This is lucky number so I'm stopping here and I am promising to blog much more. Hopefully I provide you with some comic relief!