Meet Ryan....

He is a boy He is a son. He is a best friend. He is loved. He is missed. He is my inspiration. He has made me smile. He has made me cry. He has made me laugh. Most importantly, he has made me grow.
Ryan was remarkable. From him, I learned to love yourself, love others, and to simply love life. You should appreciate all that you have, and  never fail to remind yourself and others of how thankful you are to live a life you love because of them. I did just that. I expressed my gratefulness through a letter I read at Ryan's funeral. I would love to share it... 

 Dear Ryan,
     Thank you. Thank you for sharing with me your remarkable life. You have blessed me by being a best friend to me, always, and you have left behind a trace of unforgettable memories.
    Thank you for your strength. You provided me with guidance and protection, sometimes even a little too much protection, but that I admire because you made me feel safe. You were my rock.
   Thank you for your heart. It was permanently wide open and because of that you were constantly full of love and compassion, and this, you shared with everyone.
   Thank you for being you. You are definitely one of a kind. Although you portrayed such masculinity, I discovered your feminine demeanor. You cannot argue when I say you were a zealous hairstylist at heart. All you needed was my hair, brush, and hair ties and you would create a masterpiece. I also recall your infatuation with my purse. I would catch you contently rummaging through it, finally finding your favorite, vanilla lip gloss. You would apply it with great pride, hoping for a compliment that of course I gave. Lastly, you never failed to perform a fashion show. Somehow, I was always the designer. My clothes were a perfect fit, so I allowed you to strut your stuff. So again, thank you for being you.
   Thank you Ryan for finding me. You took me under your wing and you have kept your most meaningful promise-to remain by my side. This proise lingers because you shine as my inspiration, my motivation, and my best friend forever. 
   Now let me promise you something, I will never forget you and what you make me thankful for. 
   I love you Ryan Charles and I will be seeing you.